*LIMITED EDITION* Jubilee Wax Melt Bars - Elderflower Fizz

*LIMITED EDITION* Jubilee Wax Melt Bars - Elderflower Fizz

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Introducing our super special Elderflower Fizz wax melt bar, in celebration with the upcoming Platinum Jubilee.

Whether it be cocktails in the garden, a street party with the neighbours, or just a chilled long weekend, this super fruity fragrance is the perfect summery accompaniment. 

Top notes: Elderflower, Peach & Gooseberry

Base notes: Plum & Lychee 

We have designed this bar with sprinkles of blue & red, representing the Union Jack, which then melt into a mesmerising pool of purple (in-keeping with this years jubilee theme). We have loved designing and making these bars, and we hope you have as much fun with them as we have! 

We recommend using 2 squares per burn, and simply swap out your melt when the fragrance starts to fade.

Estimated burn time (per bar) : 60+ hours

Ingredients and Packaging

True to form, we use natural ingredients (including the coloured dyes) plant-based wax and eco-friendly packaging. The clear wrap is biodegradable (NOT PLASTIC) so please dispose of this in your food waste bin.