How to get the most from your reed diffuser...

Our range of natural reed diffusers are available in nine of our signature scents. They add a continual fragrance to your home without fuss. They are perfect for those warmer days or for rooms you can't leave a candle unattended. 

Here a just a few reasons why you should choose a reed diffuser and some pointers for getting the best from them.

Why should I use a diffuser over a candle?

  • Our diffusers have been vigorously tested and designed to fill even the largest of rooms with a constant fuss free fragrance.
  • A diffuser is perfect to put in a space you want continually fragranced but aren't able to leave a candle unattended.
  • Our diffusers last 4+ months but can vary depending on room size and temperature.
  • Our diffusers come with 7 thick fibre reeds for maximum scent throw.
  • They are blended by hand in our home in Clevedon using vegan friendly fragrance and base oils.
  • 100% Vegan friendly & completely plastic free.

Top Tips

  • For maximum scent throw use all the reeds included (advised in larger rooms) and turn them more frequently. If you'd rather enjoy a more subtle fragrance, or have the diffuser in a smaller room, use fewer reeds in the diffuser this will create a softer more delicate aroma.
  • We've found during testing that the best place for your diffuser is a room with lots of air circulation and traffic; bathrooms and hallways especially work well.
  • We recommended flipping your reeds at least once a week to keep the oil diffusing and stop the reeds from clogging up. Increased frequency of flipping your reeds will decrease the longevity of your diffuser. 
  • Ensure that the diffusers are kept away from open flames at all times.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from radiators as this will decrease the longevity of your diffuser. 
  • Do not place the product directly on polished, finished or fabric surfaces as damage can occur if the oil is spilt. Ideally place your diffuser on a coaster or mat to ensure none of the fragrance oils damage any furniture.

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