Our Coconut & Rapeseed Wax


Our new wax is made entirely from Rapeseed oil and Coconut Oil. It’s free from Paraffin, Soy, Palm and other synthetic additives. It is made within the EU which creates a much smaller carbon footprint than soy and it burns at a much lower temperature Thus meaning our melting and pouring process will have a much smaller impact on the environment.

Soy is grown on an absolute industrial scale and has had a hugely negative impact on the our environment behind beef it is second largest contributor to deforestation. WWF have recently raised concerns about the deforestation associated with increasing Soy demand, and the loss of habitats for already vulnerable species - increasing the risk of extinction.

Coconut wax is renewable and high yield crop which makes it a great sustainable source and non-GMO product. As you’ve seen with our 2020 promise and ethos we are constantly striving to be as eco friendly as we can be.

Coconut wax burns cleaner and longer than any other wax on the market which gives you, our customers a better investment when you purchase one of our wax products. Our natural fragrance oils blend so easily with this new wax and give an even better scent throw than our soy wax.

Rapeseed oil is widely produced within the UK and Europe and is distinctive by the bright yellow fields found around the country. The wax is created from the oil that is harvested from the plant and completely sustainable with zero pressures on intensive farming or GMO.

The move from Soy wax wasn’t one we took lightly as we have tested, tested and retested soy wax with every fragrance and wick to find the best combination. Moving to this new wax has required us to retest every fragrance once again; what we can say is that it is a beautiful wax to work with and creates some fantastic looking and smelling candles. There is no change to your favourite fragrances, they smell just as great as they did before.

I hope you understand why we have changed our recipes and that you love the new candles as much as we do. The majority of our candles are now made with the new wax as we phase out the last of the soy candles already made.

Please get in touch let us know what you think...

Jamie & Leah